St Elmo’s Fire & the Deceptive Cadence

The 1980's were notoriously ludicrous for many good reasons, committing a lot of serious crimes in music; the horrendous Sax solos pushing the limit of how far you can take a pentatonic scale and make the simple sound incredibly lazy, the snare sound (and electronic drums in general I suppose), and unnecessary modulation such as… Continue reading St Elmo’s Fire & the Deceptive Cadence


59 in music; The year of the P bass & Fender Bassman

A year can mean a lot of things for a lot of people. In 1959, the heart of the mid century, the world was beginning to go through a seismic shift; Castro and the 26th of July Movement won the Cuban Revolution and Castro took over as Prime Minister, Russia launched the first spacecraft to… Continue reading 59 in music; The year of the P bass & Fender Bassman