St Elmo’s Fire & the Deceptive Cadence

The 1980's were notoriously ludicrous for many good reasons, committing a lot of serious crimes in music; the horrendous Sax solos pushing the limit of how far you can take a pentatonic scale and make the simple sound incredibly lazy, the snare sound (and electronic drums in general I suppose), and unnecessary modulation such as… Continue reading St Elmo’s Fire & the Deceptive Cadence


Music in Theory #3 Functionality of Rootless chords

This is the third post in a series of specific posts where I just talk about my passion for music theory, different exercises and things that I've thought up that may shed light on something or somethings that musicians are either struggling with or else it's a completely new subject to them or opens a… Continue reading Music in Theory #3 Functionality of Rootless chords