“Don’t sound for a gig. Just be on the Scene”

Hi, Welcome to Mark II of my new, improved and musically focused blog A Study in Audiosynthesis. I just want to quickly explain to old readers why I’ve made the decision to set this page up.
A Study in Audiosynthesis started in October 2014 using Blogger as my main platform. The purpose of the project was originally to keep my music studies documented after I had dropped out of college. I had become stuck in a rut in my playing and in my composition that I wanted a means of showing myself that I was actually learning something, improving my repertoire by listening to as many different kinds of music as I could, and breaking down important features of songs etc.
This meant that Mark I of A Study in Audiosynthesis didn’t really have a definitive subject matter. I was writing about everything from albums, soundtracks, effects, instruments. All music related, but very undefined, irregular and largely not intended for a professional purpose.
I was writing for the sake of writing.
Not to be read.
Towards the beginning of this year; 2017, I began expanding and experimenting on what I was writing about. I took a much more academic approach to what I was writing about such as Music theory lessons, Instrument techniques I felt that helped my playing or understanding of different musical concepts. I received a lot of praise from my peers and so, I was encouraged to pursue that side of my writing more and more.
Mark II of A Study in Audiosynthesis is me taking on board all the encouragement from family and friends and creating a new & improved, better curated blog.
I will be writing about the same material, more regularly, more academically.
Expect to see Music theory lessons, Instrumental techniques, Style files, Essays, Practice routines, Reviews, Interviews. Everything the Music enthusiast and Audiophile alike would want to read about.

And that’s the thing.
This time i’m writing to be read.

About the Author
Just another country boy hoping to get some sounds on wax. Has little time for envelopes.
I once developed my setup to sound like a 2011 action movie.
It was Rad.
Is a widely Rad person.
Still says ‘Rad’ as if it’s an acceptable socio-cultural norm.
Still thinks digital watches are a pretty neat idea. Mostly Harmless.